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For fans of Katiejane Garside

♥ Katiejane Garside Fans ♥
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Garsidefans: A community for fans of Katiejane Garside ♥

This community is for fans of Katiejane Garside; vocalist for the projects Queenadreena and Ruby Throat, and former vocalist for the band Daisy Chainsaw. She has released a number of home recordings in a collection titled 'lalleshwari/lullabies in a glass wilderness', co-created the graphic novel 'Indigo Vertigo', and has also been curator of her own art exhibition 'darling, they've found the body'.
About our community

1. Please be courteous to other members.
2. Posts should be on topic. (i.e. related to Katiejane/queenadreena/daisy chainsaw/ruby throat etc)
3. Advertising sales/ebay auctions is allowed once only (no spam!) as long as the item in question is related to Katiejane/queenadreena/daisy chainsaw etc. Repeat sales posts will be deleted, and any repeat spammers will be banned.
4. Icon/graphics posts are allowed and encouraged.

This community is maintained by mywhitenoise. Feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or problems.
This community was originally owned by ____diepretty.

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